Jacob & Lili

Jacob & Lili

Saturday, May 12, 2012

National Eosinophilic Awareness Week

National Eosinophilic Awareness Week starts tomorrow. This is Jacob's story. Please share his journey and help spread awareness. We need a cure.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Ring Added to the Circus

So far Jacob's chicken/turkey trial is going well. Next week is the scope to verify. And although I may not make it through the end of 5th grade, Lili is doing well. So why rock the boat? I keep asking myself that. Seems I just can't float along. I have to stand up and jump around until the whole thing topples over again.

Jacob hates doing homework. I mean HATES it. The minute we hit the door the battle starts and it usually ends with him crying and us asking ourselves "and we had kids because...?" I know the kid is smart, scary smart. But I began to wonder if he might have some of the same processing issues that his sister. And so his resistance was not in fact a plan to drive me crazy but his display of frustration because he was having trouble. Frankly, I had hoped that it was a plot against me. I could deal with that. But after having the psycho-educational assessment done and given the results, I realized that I would indeed have to add a few more rings to our already busy circus.

As it turns out the kid is more than smart...he's a genius. A certified genius. "Overall his verbal and perceptual cognitive abilities are in the High Average to Superior ranges..." However with genius comes difficulty. And for Jacob this means he has "difficulty on tasks requiring attention, working memory, executive functioning, social perception, and fine motor control. He also exhibits some hyperactivity, impulsivity, and cognitive inflexibility."

Good news, some of this we have faced with Lili so we are familiar some of the territory. Bad news, bring in the clowns. We've already put him back in OT 2 days a week. Now he will work with a therapist who works with gifted and sick children and who will work us on how to deal with his frustrations and explosive behavior. He will be evaluated by a speech and language therapist on Friday to determine what interventions he needs in that area. And he is working with a tutor who specializes in kids with learning differences.

This summer will be spent putting the rings together. Hopefully, but the time 3rd grade starts, we will have things up and running. And maybe even a couple new foods...

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