Jacob & Lili

Jacob & Lili

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Jacob is now on the full regimen. Prevacid and Busdesonide. His throat is feeling much better however he is still having the tummy pain. Tonight he won't eat because of it. His colon is clearing so it's still a mystery. Our trip to Cincinnati is coming up so I am hoping the doctors their may have some insight into the problem

Meanwhile, Lili still has the "pukey" feeling . The Prevacid seems to be helping with the reflux but she feels nauseated all the time.

I requested her GI records from her the last time she was "sick" 3 years ago. At that time we were told she had a few allergy cells in her throat and to see the allergist. The patch testing revealed that she was allergic to chicken and turkey. We took her off and she's been fine for 3 years. While going through her records I found the pathology report from the biopsies of the endoscopy she had. Her eosinophil count was 10! Suggesting eosinophilic esophagitis. It's written right there in black and white but we were never told. Now we know what is wrong. She is having a flare up. Either the little amounts of chicken and turkey we have reintroduced into her diet is causing the EoE or it's a new allergy. She has an endoscopy on Wednesday. Here's hoping for a high eosinophil count. Sad but true. But then we would have a definitive answer to what I already know. I now have 2 kids with EoE.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Over the weekend we took the kids to Tahoe. Well, Truckee actually, but they don't know the difference. Our first day there it was snowing but the kids refused to let that stop them. They were out sledding down a hill. Day 2 proved to be better. We made massive snow forts and then had a snowball fight. That night I ordered in pizza for the girls. Poor Jacob was so upset that he couldn't have the pizza. That night Lili started complaining of a tummy ache. No big deal. Kids have tummy aches all the time. At least that's what I told myself so that I didn't send myself into a cascade of various diagnosis. Day 3 it was time to go home. But first we stopped in at our favorite tubing spot and let the kids have it. After 2 hours we piled back into the car and drove home.

Unfortunately, Lili's tummy ache didn't go away. And that night Jacob came in our room to say that his throat was burning. Monday morning I took Jacob in. The theory, his EoE is back. So he's back on the Prevacid. The steroid is next. Something in his diet is still causing the EoE. Two days later Lili was still having tummy aches, hadn't gone to school and now she was feeling "pukey". Took her into the pediatrician and was given a small glimpse of hope that the symptoms were due to strep. My hope was crushed when the test came back negative. She is having acid reflux. When she was 7 she suffered from acid reflux and after too many tests to count we found out that she is allergic to chicken and turkey. But now the reflux is back. Why?

I can't seem to get her into a doctor for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, she's lying in my dad's office on a chair watching cartoons because she doesn't feel well enough to go to school.

We had a great weekend in the snow. It was happiness watching the kids play and laugh and enjoy life for a brief moment. Now we are back to appointments, questions and uncertainty... times two.

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